It’s the end of days for frazzled mum ads, maybe!

Woke this morning to this news story. Advertising Watchdog in the UK is to monitor adverts for gender stereotyping. Having woken up to the fact that the “Pink and Blue World” critiqued by Janice Turner (The Times) is not what the viewers want, times they are a changing. I am cynical of the true reasons. I, like millions pause a show for 20 minutes to skip through all the ads. Young people watch less TV. This may just be a reason to get us all interested in adverts again. As, back in the day, we used to view Kenco coffee like a soap, and enjoy the music in Levi jeans ads. Sexist as they were they bonded a nation.

But I am casting my cynicism aside and putting my rose tinted glasses on.  Once, with ambition to work in Advertising, the careers teacher advised I would have to move to London. My 16 year old self thought she meant tomorrow, felt fearful, and dropped ambition for safer stay at home jobs.

So, big shout out to Saatchi, if you still exist? My story board for cleaning products will feature = ‘kid drops biscuits on floor/dad scoops it up/close up of germs microscopic scary kind of thing/dad picks up pump action earth destructive bleach/pause for thought/ explains 30sec rule to kid/dad goes back to baking’

I see so much promise in this proposed monitoring, girls and boys will see a brave new world, pretty much like the common sense one we grew up in. Women, as we are, prone to guilt, will be much less tripped, when we personally are not made to feel responsible for the families’s bills, health, education, happiness, while glowing vibrantly.

Most importantly, girls and boys will pitch up to careers advisers unfettered by stereotypes of boy’s jobs and girl’s jobs. Science, gaming and computing, will benefit from an increase in girls taking up the jobs. Boys in Primary will have a male teacher wipe their tears and smile at pictures. Babies will mature into the young men and women they were born to become, because gender stereotypes will no longer stunt their growth. In the world of the adverts, at the very least.


2 thoughts on “It’s the end of days for frazzled mum ads, maybe!

  1. Hi there. I wonder if I could speak to you about your experiences for a piece I am writing. I am on Twitter as @victoriapeckham. If you say Hi I will follow you and we can communicate. Best wishes, J

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    • Apologies, rarely use WordPress now and just saw comment. Your piece was excellent. Sorry too late to contribute. Your articles in past year have broken the silence and done a huge service to young people, in particular, girls


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