Judge calls for common sense

  • Today’s media are reporting on Judge Hayden, who described Social workers as ‘being in thrall to transgender issues’ when dismissing concerns of GPs and school. The case centres on a boy being raised as a girl by his mother. No doubt much criticism will be levelled at him, but the fact the boy  is living happily as a boy, with his mother is answer enough to critics. First sign of backlash and his order that social services examine their practice is a positive step. Full story. On TC and newspaper outlets in the UK.

Cast doubt

The Press are relentlessly positive in their view of Trans stories. No other phenomenon especially one that involves medical experimentation gets such unquestioning reporting. It seems unnatural to the way journalism works. Consequently I have begun to write to journalists or media outlets. My intention to put the debate into the public domain. So far nothing has come of it and that makes me suspicious. It is an alternative take on a Trans narrative that has become boring. Why not cover it? Admittedly I write anonymously, professionally I have no choice. But isn’t that the nature of whistle-blowing?

Wake up call to online Trans grooming


Hoping this story raises the alarm about Transpropaganda online. Many posting and cheerleading are equally vulnerable. But the facts remain, a generation is being psychologically damaged by this pernicious fad masquerading as a social justice cause. Ultimately, due to political correctness the real reason many young people are succumbing is being missed. This story should allow a safe way in for concerns tone raised without fear of transphobic accusations or worse.

The Internet ate my child

The Internet Ate my child

We parents,
kept you from the traffic, feared the screech of brakes. We kept you from rivers,
safely out of the woods. Restricted your wander lust.
Shoes not made for walking. Climbing, jumping

At night we led you gently to your room. Smiled as you snuggled in soft light and softer blankets.
We felt the comfort of your security and breathed relief.
The door shut with a hushed ‘goodnight’.

The lion in the corner blinked.