Counsellors check your prejudices at the door

We live in a media driven visual age. Representations of women are narrow. Those to be admired mostly long  blonde/brunette hair, slim, pretty, adorned and physically enhanced by make up and bright, flattering or exposing clothing. While girls sink beneath the weight of comparison I believe our medical professionals are no less immune. In fact, the majority of female professionals across medicine, education and youth work seem themselves to conform to the archetype. Thus when presented with a girl of larger frame, short hair and devoid of adornment how easily do they accept the self diagnosis – ‘ I should have been a boy’? This social conditioning began when female presenters of a certain age began to disappear from Television. Actresses and pop stars became ‘easy on the eye’. The Kardashians could become rich and famous for pimping out their bodies and lives.

If we are to save this generation of girls the barbie blinkers need to come off. We can tell our daughters all day long that looks do not matter. As long as the world they are growing up in tells them something different, they will not listen.


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