Appeal for resources

Professionally and personally I have been shocked by the number of young people suddenly claiming Trans identity after immersion in social media and fantasy video games, often coinciding with issues around bullying, trauma or a sense of difference related to other factors. The adults who know them best struggle to find subtle counter messages to sow doubt. Can anyone reading this suggest resources by way of music, film video games or books that might do this. Most of the young people I meet in this situation are over thinkers, self critical and pre occupied by the idea that they are not ‘good at being’ their assigned gender. The only social construct of either gender at their age seems to play to a very sexualised and sexist image. Grateful for any suggestions that provide role models or ways of presenting without the Transgender tag. Disturbingly, in one case a child who believed they were ‘no good at being a girl’ was told they ‘made a good boy’ as they presented in short hair, check shirt and binder. That seemed to me to say more about the prejudice of the counsellor than the reality. Hence, my plea for an alternative culture to present that helps young people explore their sense of self without losing their biological identity.


3 thoughts on “Appeal for resources

  1. If anyone figures out how to stop or help these little girls that are freaking out
    That lived as little girls playing with dolls wearing dresses never once asking about there body parts or any hint of there being anything wrong with their body, suddenly get rejected by peers, dumped by a boyfriend, lost in a world where everyone around them is obsessed with sex, and looking to fine “that someone special”
    Suddenly chop all their hair off, clear out their closet , make up jewelry etc
    & wear only baggy t shirts and jeans or boys button down dress shirts …..
    Please let me know
    Im lost in this & my 16 yr old sits home alone every weekend ALL weekend but @ school & online shes “coool” “brave” “awesome”
    Yeah??? But none of those ppl want to hang out w/ her she only feels more isolated & rejected no matter what
    Its a downward spiral where does it end?
    I shutter to think as I watch my once happy go lucky beautiful bright daughter lose herself daily in this transgender persona!

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