i would like to make a pitch for the manipulation of young people by pro Trans tumblr groups to be considered a cybercrime. We need a heavy weight guru from the medical profession or child psychology to call this trend for what it is. A search for identity and group affiliation as practised by teens for many generations. I tried direct contact with A few in the media but I was ignored. A strong counter message is needed. Eddie Izzard recently stood for the Labour Party executive. In interviews he has been vague, enthused or indifferent. Lynda Bryons a UK child psychologist and media darling ignored my contact. All our young people need is a sense that this can be a phase and an awareness they can retreat with dignity. They will not hear it from their parents and are not hearing it elsewhere. Instead of acquiescing schools should be challenging the criteria young people are using to define male and female. Too often the claim is ‘ I am no good at being…’ That is more about self esteem than gender confusion. We need gatekeepers to downplay the permanence of their feelings of confusion and reject the conclusions they are reaching. I feel very frustrated that the doubters and challengers are ignored and the professionals are afraid to speak out. Surely, there must be sufficient evidence of the harm being done to young people and their families to warrant public debate. Conversations in private and supportive web sites will not save this generation.


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