Another letter .. to my girl who identifies as a boy

The last lines sum up the dilemma for all parents. Sometimes our fear of losing our children makes us acquiesce against our better judgement. Tough love can make you unpopular in the short term but being an unpopular patent is better than being an indulgent one. The Internet is radicalising our children in many different ways.

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

An anonymous letter has been published in The Guardian newspaper dealing with the terror parents face of social media sites such as reddit and tumblr ‘telling your little girl she’s really a boy’. You can read this letter here:

Here is another letter, inspired by the anonymous Guardian writer, from a professional thinking critically about the youth transgender narrative who is the parent of a trans identifying teen. 

There was no sign of your transgender identity until you were fifteen when your ‘I want to transition’ announcement came right out of the blue.

When you were little you spent a two-week Christmas holiday in your Disney Princess dress. We had to peel it off you to wash while you were asleep and wriggle you back into it before you were awake. The following Christmas you loved your pink pop-up princess castle so much you took all your presents inside…

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