Transgender Youth: A Reader’s Concerns

In a few years trans grooming will be discussed in the same way sexual grooming is today. Posts like this are important to raise consciousness. Fear of appearing transphobic is leaving the field open to another form of child abuse.



From a reader:

I just wanted to make you aware of something that is going on a lot in the various trans communities on reddit: they are falling all over themselves encouraging underage kids to order and take puberty blockers/hormones without doctor supervision and without their parents knowing.

Example one:

“Just do your best to get a job, or ask your parents for allowance and order meds online. You probably can’t buy much with the amount a 14 year old would make, but it’s better than nothing, since you’re that upset about it.”

Example two:

A fourteen year old kid (same kid that is featured here btw:, is encouraged to get puberty blockers without his parents knowing about it.

Example three:

In this post, commenters tell the kid that “puberty blockers have no side effects” (

They also tell him to “Just DIY secretly. Make friends…

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Where have all the tomboys gone?

Good hairdressers make great therapists, politicians, broadcasters, entertainers and if you are lucky can leave with a look that shouts ‘original ‘. Mine recently pointed out the cloning effect on teenage girls. The Orwellian future is trotting down the high street in fake tan and super dry, all swinging long straight locks.

When did this conformity happen and why. My hairdresser and I blame the media for building insecurities into girls. Self expression and creativity have been replaced by a blind unquestioning adherence to the media created concept of what passes as attractive and sexy.

line up The Made in Chelsea lookalikes, learn the selfie pout in the bedroom mirror and spend an evening making negative comparisons on Facebook

From the sleaze newspaper industry, music moguls to reality tv. They are all in this together, squeezing young girls into a conformity of visual beauty that is largely fake, unsustainable and leaves no room for that wonderful age of being able to shock the rest of society for the right reasons.